Under review

To keep deliverability high, our team will place workspaces with abnormal activity 'under review'.

Stages of review

Once your workspace is under review, admins on the workspace will be notified by our support team indicating that it is in one of the following states:

⚠️ A workspace within any review stage will continues to incur subscription and usage billing and will not be eligible for a refund.


Workspaces will be first given a warning alert when placed under review (typically due to billing or bounce/spam thresholds). Workspaces that have been warned will continue with full sending capability.

However, if Waypoint support does not receive a response from your team and does not make suggested adjustments, the workspace may be suspended.


If a warned workspace does not make the neccessary changes within 72 hours (or within the next 10K emails), the workspace will be suspended. When a workspace is suspended, pending messages are paused and API access to create new messages is disabled.


If a suspended workspace is determined by Waypoint support to have a negative impact on our service, the workspace will be deactivated. A deactivated Waypoint workspace can't send emails, API access is blocked, and message queues are deleted. Dedicated IPs are also deleted and workspaces will be unavailable to access. Associated accounts may also be banned.


Once all issues are resolved to our support team's satisfaction, Waypoint will reactivate your service. Once activated, any queued messages will begin to process for delivery.