Manage plan

Workspace admins can view and manage their plan by navigating to the 'Billing' section of their workspace's settings page. View Waypoint pricing plans.

Upgrading plan

All workspaces start with a free trial plan (see trial plan limitations). When ready, workspace admins can upgrade their workspace to a paid plan by clicking on 'Manage plan' in the 'Billing' section of their workspace's settings page.

Manage plan screenshot

Following this link will take you to a billing management page powered by Stripe. From here, click on 'Update plan' and follow the directions to checkout with the plan that fits your team's needs.

Stripe subscription screenshot

Canceling/downgrading plan

If you would like to downgrade your plan or move back to a free plan, you can do so by following the same 'Manage plan' link above and simply choosing the 'Free' plan within the Stripe checkout.

If you would like to close your account and delete your data, please contact support.