Trial plan limitations

To help your team get started quickly, Waypoint offers a free trial workspace for testing purposes.

Trial plans are limited to 100 test emails and test emails can only be sent to your teammates (people who you have invited to your workspace and have accepted the invitation).

Why can I only send test emails on the free plan?

Waypoint heavily curates who can send emails and doesn't offer a free plan for sending live emails to reduce the risk of spammers. This level of curation helps ensure that those that pay for even our lowest paid tier have high deliverability rates.

Other email platforms entice customers with a small set of free emails. However, we believe this can be a disservice since these platforms put free and lower paid tier accounts on shared IP pools. This means that if there happens to be a random spammer on a free plan, there is risk that it can ruin the reputation of other platforms in the shared IP pool. This causes IP addresses to get blacklisted and emails landing in spam instead of inboxes.

How can I send live emails?

When you are ready to send live emails (people outside of your workspace), a paid account is required. Learn how to manage your plan.