Manage team

Workspace admins can manage access along with roles and permissions. All workspaces can also have an unlimited amount of admins and users for no additional cost.

Adding teammates

  1. Go to your workspace's settings page and scroll to the 'Team members' section.
  2. From the 'Invite' text field, enter your teammate's email address.
  3. Click 'Send invite'.
  4. The invited teammate will show up in the list with a special invite link. This same link will be emailed to your teammate.
  5. Optionally change your teammate's role/permissions (see next section).

Screenshot of inviting teammates

Roles and permissions

Waypoint currently offers 2 different user roles within workspaces: admin and user. Within the list of team members on a workspace, an admin can assign one of the following roles to each member:

  • Admin: access to all.
  • User: access to all except with view only permissions on the settings page. This means a role is unable to update billing plans, API keys, verified domains, senders, and other general settings.