Verified domains

Before you can send live emails on Waypoint, you must setup a custom domain that you own (ie. and not

In order for Waypoint to verify that you own the domain, you'll need to add a set of DKIM records through your DNS provider. To do this, head to your workspace's settings page, add the domain you want to send from, and follow the instructions to access the DNS records that you'll need to add.

Once added, click 'Verify' to have Waypoint check for the records.

After verification, the Waypoint team will automatically be notified for approval. All connected domains are manually reviewed by the Waypoint team to help maintain high deliverability scores across the platform. Typically reviewed within 24 hours.

Screenshot of managing a custom domain on Waypoint

What about SPF records?

In the past, email providers checked SPF alignment using the From/Sender address' domain. Now, they use the Return-Path domain instead. This means you no longer need to add a custom SPF record to your DNS. All emails sent through Waypoint automatically pass SPF alignment.