Sending in batches

Sending a weekly report or recommendations email? Waypoint supports batch email sending on our API so you can send multiple emails with highly personalized content with a single API call.

Batch emails have a limit of 500 email messages per API call and a max payload of 1mb.

Want to add an unsubscribe link to each email? Learn more in unsubscribe groups.

POST /v1/email_messages_batch

emailMessagesAn array of email message objects (either with a template or without).

Code examples

const axios = require('axios'); axios({ method: "post", url: "", headers: { "Content-Type": "application/json" }, auth: { username: API_USERNAME, password: API_PASSWORD }, data: { "emailMessages": [{ "templateId": "wptemplate_RXL7zGTGsvkXzAP3", "to": "Jordan Isip <>", "variables": { "username": "fixie" } }, { "templateId": "wptemplate_RXL7zGTGsvkXzAP3", "groupKey": "beta-updates", "to": "Carlos Rodriguez <>", "variables": { "username": "cohitre" } }] } }) .then(function(response) { // handle success console.log('success'); }) .catch(function(error) { // handle error console.log(; })

If you are looking to send test emails (not actually deliver the email), see API sandbox requests.