Template layouts

Template Layouts allow your team to share content blocks and styles across templates. This means less work and less time needed to keep template styling and reused content within headers and footers consistent.

Manage template layouts

To manage your Template Layouts within the Waypoint dashboard, go to your Templates page and then the Layouts tab.

Screenshot of Waypoint template layouts

The Template Layout builder is very similar to the template builder but has a placeholder for your template content. This placeholder is where your nested template's content blocks will live. Add blocks around this placeholder that you would like to be shared across multiple templates (logos, headers, footers, etc.).

Screenshot of Waypoint template layouts

When you are ready to use a Template Layout, select the layout from the shared layouts section within the 'Styles' tab on a template.

Screenshot of Waypoint template layouts

Duplicating an existing template as a layout

If you already have a template with headers and footers that you’d like to use as a base for a layout. You can simply click on 'Duplicate as template' from the additional actions context menu on a template.